An Affordable Smartwatch | IP68 | Apple Watch Style - Under $40 | By YoYoFit

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Описание видео: An Affordable Smartwatch | IP68 | Apple Watch Style - Under $40 | By YoYoFit USA Get it Here: UK Get it Here: Worldwide Get it Here: This smartwatch is just been perfect work perfect for me all the feature are checked and confirmed by me, totally worth it thank you guys for watching this video Here are feature and Specification of this smartwatch: ☛【New Upgraded Visual Experience】New is large and easy to read screen featuring the high-definition, 1.4 inches, full touch screen, strong and durable 2.5D glass, 6-level adjustable screen brightness. Regardless of the light around you, you can easily watch it. If anything unclear or precious suggestion, welcome to contact us. Compatible with iOS 8.0 + and Android 5.1+ OS smartphones. The recording of real-time data of heartbeats can help adjust the intensity of your workouts. ☛【24/7 Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring】Heart rate monitoring with modern sensor continuously track your entire day automatically. ☛【Notification Alerts and Multiple Functions】Syncs the notifications of Incoming Calls, SMS, and other applications including WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. ☛【Activity Tracker】The fitness watch will track your daily heart rate, sleep time & quality and the workout include steps are taken, calories burnt, distance. Tracks your blood pressure and allows you to know your blood pressure conveniently and comfortably. Helping you better understand specific activity data. ☛【Easy Charging & Widely Compatibility】: A 240mAh battery recharges in 2-3 hours providing more than 7 days of use; play more, charge less! Download and install the APP named “Da Fit” from App Store or Google Play. The watch will remind you by vibrating and stores the latest three messages. Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description are Amazon affiliate links. Connect the GPS on your phone can show run stats like pace, distance, and record a map of your workout route. Battery life and charge cycles vary depending on use. All available wherever you go. As well as 7 exercise modes can record your exercise time, steps, calories, and heart rate. As an Amazon Associate, Gauging Gadgets earns from qualifying purchases through affiliate links.... Female physiological period reminder, alarm clock, remote camera, music control, weather report, Stop Watch, sedentary reminder, and other unique functions.

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