Android 11 beta plans, Flutter 1.17, Dart 2.8, & much more!

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Описание видео: TL;DR 203 | The Google Developer News Show •Android 11: Beta Plans (Android) → •Discontinuing support for JSON-RPC and global HTTP batch endpoints (G Devs) → •Announcing Flutter 1.17 (Flutter) → •Announcing Dart 2.8 (Dart) → •Easy access to stream analytics with SQL, real-time AI, and more (Cloud) → •Introducing Web Vitals: essential metrics for a healthy site (Chromium) → •The Tekton Pipelines Beta release (OpenSource) → Here to bring you the latest developer news from across Google is Developer Advocate Dan Galpin. Tune in every week for a new episode, and let us know what you think of the latest announcements in the comments below!...

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