Android PC X86 - LOS WinFace distro You can install or Run from 1 GB pen drive 2020

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Описание видео: I designed A new Concept called Android PC and it was don on the works of Master of X86 DeveloperCW Huang . Note : Link at minimal 25 Likes - Send me a message when we reached that silly number !!! Welcome to Android PC - for all reasonable specifications Intel Centrino Duo Celeron Dualcore Pc\'s and Laptops - I hope you like this concept,. If you want to test this build ., leave the video a Like and at 25 likes the link will be available to all oke ? Thanks for becoming a tester and user .. Android PC is a portable installable system with Windows Remix Android Look and feels - with a clean desktop thanks to the amazing launcher that I modified just a bit to make it fit in my working concept you can also install. Thank you . Don\'t Spam and keep to the subject - Does not count for Admins and friends- Before asking mr anything First Like VIDEO subscribe THEN ASK !! Video by Channel48 ©2020...

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