Best 3 Radar Detectors 2020

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Описание видео: Let\'s compare the top 3 windshield mount radar detectors currently available: The Uniden R7, Valentine 1 Gen2, & Escort Redline 360c. Whether I get paid or not (on some things I don’t), it’s important to me to ensure that I stay objective and unbiased and give you my honest opinion so you can make an educated decision as to what’s best for you. :) © 2020 Vortex Radar, LLC. All rights reserved. #RadarDetector #VortexRadar #RadarDetectorReviews #UnidenR7 #Valentine1 #ValentineOne #BestRadarDetector #RadarDetectors... You deserve that and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Purchase Links & Setup Tutorials: Uniden R7: (Best Bang for the Buck) Purchase the Uniden R7: Uniden R7 setup guide: Valentine 1 Gen2: (Best with Apps) Purchase the V1 Gen2: V1 Gen2 setup guide: Purchase V1Driver for iOS: JBV1 setup guide: Download JBV1 for Android: V1Driver setup guide: Escort Redline 360c: (Best All-In-One) Purchase the Redline 360c: Redline 360c setup guide: Subscribe to Vortex Radar: Intro: 0:00 What Makes These the Best?: 0:44 Radenso Theia: 2:04 Considering Your Needs: 2:23 Uniden R7: 4:40 V1 Gen2 & Redline 360c Intro: 6:59 Valentine 1 Gen2: 9:16 Escort Redline 360c: 15:12 Which Detectors Do I Use?: 23:19 Ending: 31:16 Best Radar Detectors: ---------- Gear I Shoot Videos With: ---------- Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: ---------- Full disclosure: The purchase links in my videos are typically affiliate links and I do make a percentage when you buy.

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