Best Android phones 2020, Specifications and Reason to buy. Mobile Diaries

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Описание видео: SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 The best Android phone for most people 2. MOTO G8 POWER One of the best budget Android phones for long-lasting battery 14. OPPO FIND X2 PRO One of the best ultra-premium handsets in 2020 8. SAMSUNG GALAXY A90 5G Get a 5G Android phone for a lower price 15. HUAWEI P30 PRO Still one of the best Android phones available 10. SONY XPERIA 5 A screen that just goes on and on 16. ONEPLUS 8 PRO The best premium Android phone 3. ONEPLUS NORD The best mid-range Android phone of 2020 5. SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS Still a superb Android phone 11. LG VELVET LG\'s newest phone is a mid-range winner 17. GOOGLE PIXEL 4 The best pure Android Pixel flagship phone for 2020 9. XIAOMI MI NOTE 10 One of the best Android phones for top-quality photos on a budget Follow me on my YouTube channel... 1. Mobile Diaries Best Android phones 2020 Specifications and Reason to buy. NOKIA 7.2 Another fine budget Android phone from Nokia 12. HUAWEI NOVA 5T Huawei hits the budget Android phone sweet spot again 13. SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA A fantastic hyper-premium Android phone with powerful camera system 7. GOOGLE PIXEL 3A The best budget Android phone 4. HUAWEI P40 PRO PLUS A truly superb Android phone, apart from the lack of apps 6.

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