Brandon Munro #18 - 3 Reasons Why Cameco Restarts Uranium Production Now

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Описание видео: And how their decision making has affected the market. Have they lost the opportunity to drive the spot price up? We discuss the implications for investors and also for uranium juniors. Uranium Market Commentator & Bannerman Resources (ASX: BMN) CEO, Brandon Munro, calls in for our weekly catch up about the world of Uranium and Uranium investing. Plus follow some careless reporting about the 3 Gorges Dam in China potentially "breaking`\', we hypothesis about what investors will do and should do in the event of a \'black swan\' event. And for members we also get into detail about what has been happening with utilities in the background. Anyone not signed up to is missing out. Cameco\'s quarterly call stuns market with some of its decisions. As ever, Brandon\'s insight delight and inform in equal measure. We focus on the restart of Cigar Lake and reasons why they may have made those decisions and how it may affect partnerships elsewhere. 00:00 - Introduction 2:53 - Opinions on Cameco\'s Announcement 8:22 - Market Reaction: Implications on Utilities 9:57 - Reasons for Reopening Cigar Lake 13:23 - Buying at Spot Price: What\'s Going On? 16:29 - Conversion Market Transition 18:06 - Final Thoughts Company page: Explore More Here: Join our Club\'s waitlist: For FREE unbiased investment information, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook: If you got value from this interview, please subscribe.... We now wait for the KazAtomProm quarterly on 3rd August.

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