Can I Afford Bitcoin?

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Описание видео: Copy Trade Cryptocurrency with me on Etoro: when I win, you win! #Bitcoin #Digital Currencies #Cryptocurrency... 1) Budget 2) Pay off Debts 3) Pay smallest Debt first 4) Need assistance moving through to the new digital economy offering personal, professional and financial consulting: give me a call.. This store of value is what people invest in. Crypto is short Cryptography, Cryptocurrency is an encrypted computer program, using Blockchain Technology, an open source public ledger system that has a store of value. I will help you set up your monthly budgeting and your first cryptocurrency account. Transfer Cryptocurrency from Exchange to hard wallet or ask a friend who has cryptocurrency to practice a transaction with you. Dollar, especially as debt goes through the roof, systems must shift and change. Thank you for listening. Bitcoin is a Digital Currency. Congratulations for making the decision to use community money! Listen to The Future of Money podcast: Lori Souza, MBA, BSIT Educator/Economics/RealEstate/Technology/Cryptocurrency Email: I accept bitcoin: 39reXHmLq7nJgZuJJMH9ye79xmJbMFWqcQ Beginners: Download/set up an account to purchase cryptocurrency, linked with your bank account, use my link below and receive $10 free bitcoin: 1st) Coinbase Exchange, This is referred to as a soft digital wallet on your phone or computer 2nd) Download your hard digital wallet onto your phone: 1) Monarch wallet 2) Voyager or 3) Mycelium-- ask a friend to send you crypto! Offering you a financial consultation to help set up your Cryptocurrency Accounts. Discover the future of money, markets and payments and how to Thrive, not just Survive in the New Digital Economy What is Cryptocurrency? It is a Digital Currency. CBDC\'s- Stable Coins, Digital Dollars, Digitizing our Banking and our Currencies, just may bring a re-valuation of the U.S. When Debt becomes too high, economic decisions must be made in households and business. No need for an intermediary!

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