DroidKaigi 2020 - Android UIs: Patterns, Practices, Pitfalls / Chris Horner [EN]

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Описание видео: DroidKaigi 2020 - droidkaigi.jp/2020/ DroidKaigi 2019 - droidkaigi.jp/2019/ DroidKaigi 2018 - droidkaigi.jp/2018/ DroidKaigi 2017 - droidkaigi.github.io/2017/ DroidKaigi 2016 - droidkaigi.github.io/2016/ DroidKaigi 2015 - droidkaigi.github.io/2015/ DroidKaigi Twitter - twitter.com/droidkaigi... Sometimes it seems like there\'s a hundred ways to achieve something. Unfortunately, DroidKaigi 2020 was cancelled, but we publish the recordings of sessions. Nearing the end of its lifespan, Android\'s UI framework is now chock-full of useful tools for building UIs. Topics discussed will include: Animations and Transitions Layout hierarchies Not using ConstraintLayout for everything Drawables Custom Views/ViewGroups Threading and timing Themes and styles Slides: speakerdeck.com/chrishorner/droidkaigi-android-ui-patterns-practices-pitfalls ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DroidKaigiはエンジニアが主役のAndroidカンファレンスです。 Android技術情報の共有とコミュニケーションを目的としています。 DroidKaigi 2020は残念ながら中止となりましたが、スピーカーの方々にご協力いただき発表される予定だった内容を収録・公開しています。 DroidKaigi is a conference tailored for Android developers. It discusses tips and tricks Android developers can apply when building their UIs, as well as outlines some of the common gotchas to avoid. This talk outlines when and when not to apply certain UI components. Other times you have no idea where to even begin.

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