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Описание видео: Have you played surgery games on animals before? no worries this rescue Dr. Subscribe - (Подпишись):youtube.com/channel/UChhs18W6Mp4MSB3FskumnXw?sub_confirmation=1 Games Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rlg.doctor.robot.rescue.animals Game Developer : Robot Life Games Welcome to the doctor robot rescue animals game where you will be a Dr. Download these animal rescue games free which are quite different from the other animal doctor games. In this rescue ambulance simulator game you will be informed about the injured animal you ambulance duty is to find and give first aid to the animals if they are seriously injured then you will pick up the animal and load it to the ambulance for hospital because many ambulance rescue vehicles are available for your driving skills. In this game different missions like Dog rescue, Lion Rescue, Deer Rescue, Rescue, Goat, and many animals life you will save as a Doctor Robot. Robot game will teach you how to deal with the emergency and also will give you the favor of zoo animal transportation game. If you are a crazy fan of ambulance driving robot doctor animal rescue game then this game is easy and simple to play. How to Play Doctor Robot Rescue Animals Game. Robot who will save the animals life and safeguard them from injuries. In these doctor robot rescue games be a lifeguard to the animals who are suffering from injuries. Dive the ambulance and reach the destination Find the animal who is in danger Use your first aid kit Load animal in an ambulance for surgery Leave the animal in the jungle for a happy life after hospital...

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