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Описание видео: Paid online events are available to a selected group of partners at this time. You\'ll keep the revenue, minus transactional fees. If your accumulated balance is below USD 100 at the end of a month, it will be carried over to the next month until it passes the USD 100 threshold for payouts. If you\'re approved, you can start charging for access to your events on Facebook. How does it work? Get started by agreeing to the Terms of Service and adding a payout account, then we\'ll review your Page. For purchases made on a web browser, you\'ll receive 100% of the price that guests pay, after applicable taxes and fees. Related Searches: facebook new update 2020 facebook update 2020 facebook new update facebook new features 2020 fb new update 2020 facebook update new facebook update diptanu shil fb new features 2020 new update facebook 2020 facebook latest update fb new update facebook 2020 new facebook update 2020 facebook 2020 update update facebook latest facebook update 2020 how to update facebook 2020 update facebook 2020 fb update 2020 facebook facebook new feature facebook new version 2020 how to update facebook facebook monetization ফেসবুকের নতুন আপডেট new update of facebook 2020 new features of facebook 2020 facebook new features new facebook new fb update 2020 diptanu facebook latest version 2020 facebook new fb update facebook 2020 new update facebook new future 2020 fb latest update new update facebook facebook algorithm 2020 hindi facebook new updates facebook update news 2020 facebook video monetization fb new feature new facebook features for 2020 new feature in facebook facebook algorithm 2020 facebook page new update 2020 fb monetization how to monetize facebook page #facebookupdate #facebookmonetizationupdate #diptanushil... Funds are calculated at the end of each month and paid out approximately 30 days later, usually in the first week of the following month. If you are looking for facebook update 2020 then your search over here because i am going to share facebook new feature 2020 regarding facebook page monetization update. You choose the price that your attendees will pay for event access. You can also view and manage payouts in Creator Studio by going to Monetisation - Payout settings, Note that the 30 days payout is not applied in Vietnam. Revenue share What percentage of the event price that you earn is dependent on how guests purchase access to your event. This is a big facebook new update for all facebook creators. What are paid online events? Paid online events are a way for you to digitally host events, such as classes, podcast recordings and more, that attendees can pay to access. Paid online events are a new way of monetising your live online event through a one-off access charge that\'s collected when guests register to attend. Music that is licensed through Facebook\'s Sound Collection, music you own and/or control all rights to, or music that is in the public domain is allowed. Note: You cannot use music that you do not own the rights to in your paid online events. Enabling an admission fee is done through the event setup process and requires you to sign our Terms of Service and have a payment account on file. For purchases made on a mobile device, you\'ll receive 70% of the price that guests pay because the mobile provider, Apple for iOS or Google for Android, will take 30% of the revenue for in-app purchases, after applicable taxes and fees. New Facebook Monetization update now you can earn money from facebook with paid online events. About paid online events payouts You will receive your paid online events payouts once a month after you cross the minimum balance of USD 100. Payments are transferred to the bank account that you provided when you set up payments for your Page.

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