Fair Use: Legally Use Movie Clips & Copyrighted Material In Your YouTube Videos

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Описание видео: Fair use allows you to legally use movie clips in your youtube videos and used copyrighted material in your youtube videos in certain circumstances. Hopefully this video clears up some common misconceptions about fair use and using copyrighted material in your youtube videos. This fair use video examines how you can legally use copyrighted videos in your youtube content without breaking the law or getting a copyright strike. YouTube Magnates: yt.youngmagnates.com/ytm-waitinglist... Understanding fair use definitely allows you to create much more engaging content on YouTube, but please do your own research after watching this video - this is simply an introduction to fair use and not official legal advice. That said, many YouTubers successfully use fair use and copyrighted material in their videos, and you can too once you understand fair use and the copyright system.

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