Gangster Crime Simulator #1 City Driving Open World! Android gameplay

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Описание видео: *Choose your crew members and build up your reputation as one of the best gangsters, go out on unique missions to rank up your crew members and their gear. *Exciting action combat, fighting and shooting your way through thrilling missions; help your crew when they call you up to go against other gangs and other action in the crime scene of the underworld. Defend your turf from rival gangs, the gear you earned throughout your time as the ultimate gangster will aid you in beating out potential takeovers from other city gangsters. Download ANDROID : ►SUBSCRIBE: ♥TWITTER: #cargames #actiongames #androidgames #games #gameplay #gaming GAME INFO: Be the ultimate crimeboss of the city and take on rival gangs in one of the best open world gangster crime simulators. Explore the huge city, drive fast vehicles, explosive action, and gang vs gang combat to take control of the city, all to become the real gangster crime boss! Gangster Crime Simulator #1 City Driving Open World! ALL-NEW GANGSTER CRIME OPEN WORLD TO EXPLORE! *Police VS Robbers car driving and gang action-shooting, experience true gangster thrills in the all-new open world gameplay! Android gameplay Oddman Games : gaming channel about Android Games, gameplay, walkthrough! TELL YOUR OWN STORY! BUILD YOUR CREW AND TAKE OVER THE CITY! *Join in on the best action and claim the city for your own! For fans of open-world action games, Gangster Crime Simulator is one of the best fun shooting games, gangsters and free games....

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