Google Jamboard 2020 Update!

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Описание видео: To access the web-based version of Jamboard, click here: Interested in learning how to build a fully tech-integrated curriculum? Visit to learn more about Sam\'s online course and join the early bird waitlist for the next cohort! Learn about the updates to Google Jamboard that were released in August, 2020. More information here: If you\'re interested in creating a website, these are a couple of programs I personally use and highly recommend: Bluehost is a web host that offers a professional platform for your website. In this week\'s education technology tutorial, Sam also answers several questions that have come up about how to use Jamboard in the classroom, such as how to add an image to the background, how to see who has posted on Jamboard, as well as how to push out a copy of Jamboard through Google Classroom. Many of these products offer a free trial to start and just clicking on the link helps to support The New EdTech Classroom and this channel! Now you can add shapes and text to Jamboard, making it easier for teachers to use with students. You can check them out here: Elementor is a powerful tool that helps with clean visual design for your website as well as marketing to further your website\'s influence. More details here: Screenflow is a dynamic, intuitive video editing software that I use to create all of my YouTube videos. Get more details here: I use Adobe Spark Post to design all of my YouTube thumbnails, as well as for the graphics and web page creation, as well as video projects I make with my students. Click here to visit The New EdTech Classroom for tips, ideas, and resources for how to use education technology to increase engagement, rigor, and creativity in your classroom: Follow Sam Kary on Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Interested in the software I use to create my videos? Check out the affiliate links below!

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