HOT WHEELS ID - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 39 iOS / Android - Level 270 - 274

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Описание видео: Get ready to race through a limitless world where records need to be broken and the challenges keep on coming. You can also use the Hot Wheels id Race Portal with your tablet or non-NFC enabled iPhone to build up your collection. With every milestone reached, your racing prowess is boosted. IPhone 7 and above support this awesome technology to collect your physical die-cast into your virtual garage. For additional high-octane thrills, enhance your gameplay experience with a seriously rad collection of Hot Wheels id die-cast vehicles, the Race Portal and the Smart Track Kit. Stock your virtual garage with a huge variety of the sickest cars, then race ‘em, stunt ‘em, and enjoy some serious gains: performance boosts, new races to unlock and rad rewards to win. It’s only a matter of time before everyone knows how great you are. MEASURE YOUR PERFORMANCE Track your progress as every mile you drive, race you win, stunt you nail and speed you crush is recorded. SCAN YOUR HOT WHEELS ID VEHICLES Elevate your Virtual Garage by scanning your physical Hot Wheels id die-cast vehicles with your NFC enabled iPhone. Collect cars, compete in challenges and level up for the ultimate bragging rights. Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Subscribe: Email: iTunes iOS Download link: Google Play Android Download link: =================================================... Hot Wheels id dares you to challenge your limits, prove your skills and measure your performance with every speed posted, every stunt conquered, and every race won. •Improved our virtual garage with filtering / sorting features •Ambient camera that showcases the your active vehicle when idle •Improved onboarding and scanning instructions •Squashed bugs and added ton of new UI improvements Think you can drive the fastest? Nail the gnarliest stunts and win the most races? With Hot Wheels id, now you can prove it. COLLECT AND LEVEL UP Hot Wheels cars are off the rails! SO MANY WAYS TO PLAY Hot Wheels id amplifies vehicle play to a new level of pulse pounding excitement, offering a first-of-its kind mixed play experience, where the more you play in the physical the more you level up in the digital. HOT WHEELS ID - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 39 iOS / Android - Level 270 - 274 We’ve buffed, polished and detailed our build for the optimum ride… so climb aboard, start your engine, and fasten your seat belt! Killer designs, honkin’ big wheels, and peerless performance make the chillest rides ever. Don’t have the latest NFC-enabled iPhone? No problem. RISE TO THE CHALLENGE With each course you conquer, challenge your previous record and then challenge the world.

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