How Much Money does my Free Mobile Game Make?

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Описание видео: Huge thanks to everyone who played the game, rated it, sent me bug reports, played some ads, or unlocked skins! I\'ll still like fix bugs and stuff, but the game is now done pretty much. It\'s called "Stick With It" and is a rage platformer game. ---- You May Also Like ---- Other game dev revenue/results videos: Dani - How Much Money my Mobile Game Made (After 1 week) - DevDuck - Results from Releasing My First Indie Game - Miziziziz - How Much Money I\'ve Made From Game Development - Blackthornprod - How much Money did I earn with my indie game on Steam? - Some of my other videos: I Made a Zero Player Game: I Made the Hardest Game Ever: I Made Minecraft in 24 Hours: I Made a Game with Intentional Bugs: --- MUSIC --- → "To the Next Destination" & "Celebration in Slow Motion" by TeknoAXE → "Crazy" & "Hectic" by Antti Luode → "Break Out" by DST → "Vicious" by Kevin MacLeod ( → "Epiphany" by Incidentally, the revenue ended up increasing, because the game was actually possible to play, so uhhhh, people actually played it. This is the final devlog in the stick with it game development journey. This is how much revenue my mobile game has made so far... In this video we take a look at how the game made money, and how much it made. Players have the option to watch videos and get something in return, in my case they can undo a move. This strategy seemed to fail, because the ARPDAU was around $0.003, but then I updated the game... --- DOWNLOADS --- → Android: → iOS: → PC: --- SOCIAL --- → Twitter: → Discord: I recently developed a mobile game with the unity game engine. Instead of using traditional interstitial ads, I tried another monetization strategy - Rewarded Video. In the update, I fixed bugs, added a normal mode, created some new characters, introduced a map screen for selecting checkpoints, and set up in-app purchases.

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