How To Connect a Mic Preamp To Your Computer For Beginners (FAQ Series)

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Описание видео: Check Out This Stuff TOO: Website: Giveaways: Discord: Merch: Company Relationship Disclosure: Personal: How do you connect that external preamp to your computer? If you just bought a DBX 286s or any other external preamp and you’re not sure how to connect it to your audio interface, this video will explain how to do so. Simply put you need to run line level into your audio interface, and in most cases that will require a balanced 1/4” cable. For more info check my FAQ page links below. 00:00 - Intro 00:11 - Equipment You’ll Need 00:54 - Terms You Need To Know? 01:48 - How to Connect Preamp to Interface? 02:27 - What’s a Balanced 1/4” Cable? 02:56 - Why Use Balanced 1/4”? 04:10 - Demonstrations of Incorrect & Correct Connections 07:18 - Outro Subscribe For More Videos: Become a Member: My YouTube Setup: My Favorite XLR Mics: My Favorite USB Mics: Check the Frequently Asked Questions: Vote For What You Want Reviewed: NOTE (FULL DISCLOSURE): If you purchase an item using my amazon link, it provides me a small referral fee.

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