How To Find Sideloaded Apps On Android TV - App Icon Not Showing Up

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Описание видео: In this video, I will show you 2 easy methods on how to find the downloaded android apps that do not show on your Android TV device like an Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box S, or SONY TV, etc. But some apps since they are not designed for Android TV will not appear and a lot of users do not know how to open them. While the first method, using Sideload Launcher is pretty easy, the second method using the TV App Repo application is better in my opinion since it is cleaner and permits you to add the app icon on the app drawer of the Android TV Leanback Launcher / App Drawer. It happens that when you download and install Android apps on Android TV that they will not show up in the app center. Normally the app icons will show and this is how you can launch them. App not showing up on your Android TV home screen or under Apps? These are two easy ways on how to find sideloaded apks on Android TV. #icons #sideload #appnotshowing Website: Subscribe For More: Dimitrology Youtube Channel: Android TV Box / Streaming devices: Recommended TV Boxes: Recommended Remotes: Best Value/Money Gamepad: My recommendations for 100% secure VPN are: IP Vanish Private Internet Access My Setup: Contact Me: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Reddit - Email - Website - How To Find Sideloaded Apps On Android TV - Icons Not Showing So definitely make sure to check it out too!

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