How To Install Android 10 Korean Version on Lg G7 Thinq G710EMW (India)| Flashing Tutorial

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Описание видео: In this video I\'m flashing G710N KDZ file on G710EMW. For me, I can\'t connect to network and have the constant nt error code pop up. Help a small Channel like mine.... Xda quote: "Note: for models from ATT, Cricket, Sprint, BoostMobile, VirginMobile, AIO and Tracfone wont be able to go back to their stock firmware because ther is no KDZ or Dump available."  1. XDA Credit Link + Driver + Lg Up + dll file: 2. I reverted back to my Android 9 G710EMW version using the same steps, but, changing the kdz file to android 9 emw version. DISCLAIMER: DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK Please watch the full video and read the description before trying this. Also back up your phone. But, they can use the phone without any problems. I have no Idea. This will save you a lot of time. Please don\'t ask me if it will be compatible on your phone. Reading other user\'s comments in xda, some people have the nt code error. And this tutorial is not for TMobile Versions. Phone will we wiped clean. Korean Android 10 KDZ: Please like the video, and subscribe. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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