How to Install Presets to LIGHTROOM MOBILE | Android + iOS | FREE Bonus Preset

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Описание видео: This lightroom mobile and desktop tutorial is super easy to follow through and also teaches you how you can import the .xmp presets into your desktop Lightroom CC Desktop Application. For Business Enquiries: Follow Me on the social: Instagram: Twitter: Website: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE WEEKLY CONTENT! Lightroom mobile presets is a great way to add a professional-looking touch to your photos, while on the go, straight from your phone. SUBSCRIBE. Hey! Subscribe to this channel and be a part of my journey! Get the INFLUENCER Lightroom Pack: Get my Premium Hollywood LUTs (On Sale): Get FREE Lightroom Presets Here: Get HOLLYWOOD LUTs for FREE: Follow me on Instagram: Do you want to edit and add a magic layer to your photos on the go? In this tutorial, I have explained the procedure in detail on how you can import Lightroom Presets into the Lightroom Mobile app on ios and android. Soon after I bought my first camera, I knew this piece of tech is going to pay my bills. I\'m a freelance Filmmaker and a Storyteller by heart and an Engineer by choice. Tags: ayush wadhwa,lightroom,mobile,presets,free presets,lightroom mobile,how to install,lightroom mobile free presets,how to install presets to lightroom mobile,free lightroom presets,how to add presets to lightroom mobile,free presets for lightroom mobile,photo editing,lightroom mobile cc free presets,lightroom tutorials,how to edit with lightroom,lightroom presets,photo presets,mobile phone editing,lightroom mobile presets,phone photography,mobile photography... My Gear Laptop: Trusty Camera: On-Camera Mic: (Great for vloggers) Studio Mic: (GOD LEVEL) Tripod: Primary Phone: Key Light: (Value For Money) Gorillapod: Drone: Best Backpack For Travellers: Action Camera: Magic Wide Lens: Crispy Portraits: Bluetooth Earphones: ND Filter: Step-Up Rings: Powerbank: Perfume: Sunglasses: GoPro Tripod: SSD: Headphones: SUBSCRIBE. I am on a mission to explore the whole world and show you every bit of it through my creative vision. I have included a free Sam Kolder preset that you can use to edit your photos and get started with Lightroom mobile. SUBSCRIBE. Editing Softwares that I use: Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Final Cut Pro X Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop I hope you liked the video.

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