How To Protect Your iPhone Privacy and Security

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Описание видео: In the extreme. An older iPhone or iPhone SE works great. Hard. If you have location on, especially for social apps and photos, they can be used to find you and others in case of emergency. Videos can help document and prosecute abusers but can also be used to identify and target people standing up to abuse. Notifications and biometrics can help you get things done faster but can also let others get to your things faster. But, if you’re putting yourself in harms way, if you’re on the front lines as press or health care or to protect the rights, civil liberties, and simple dignity of your family, community, and country, then you should absolutely lock your iPhone down. If you’re at home, you probably want to to keep your iPhone set to maximum convenience. Online backup can save your data even if your iPhone is taken on damaged, but can also expose your data to extralegal seizure from servers. In situations where you fear for your security, the best thing to do is get a second, burner phone and lock that down. If you have the time or money. DONATE LINKS How to choose a strong password: How to make an encrypted, local backup: How to secure Android: MORE ⭐️ Nebula: Please and thank you. Out of the box, your iPhone tries to strike a balance between security and safety, privacy and convenience. But they can also be used to place you and others in situations of tyranny. Either way, here’s how to protect your data. Also, if you’re a bad actor of any kind, leave it like that as well.

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