How to record Zoom meeting with audio on Android

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Описание видео: So this will work for you. So before we get started, please look at the version of your Android. Why? Because Android 10 comes with a new feature that allows two apps to use the microphone at the same time. In the next minutes I will show you how to record a zoom meeting even if you are the host of the meeting. Please note that this option will work in some conditions depending on the version of Android on your Phone. But what if you have Android 9? Or even lower version? This will still work for you with some limitations. If you have Android 10, then this tutorial is perfect for you. Record Zoom meeting with audio on Android So if you wish to record a Zoom meeting with audio on Android follow this step by step tutorial. It is merely a software limitation that you can not remove or change. So if Zoom uses audio and microphone, then another app like recorder can not use it. First, let me tell you why you should stop trying to find a better solution if you have android bellow 10. In lover version of Android, only one app can use the microphone. Thank you and please subscribe and give us a like and a share.... Hello.

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