Install OrangeFox Recovery R11 On Your Android Device!

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Описание видео: OrangeFox Recovery is a modified custom recovery based on TWRP with an amazing and easy to understand UI. But I suggest you guys to check out the Telegram groups or xda forum for your device bug list. It also has a lot of features and customizations. It won\'t necessarily mean that it has major bugs. Timestamp - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Gear - Canon EOS 200D - Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM - Boya BY-MM1 mic - Yungteng VCT-690RM - My Smartphones (Daily drivers) - Redmi Note 7 Pro - Redmi Note 5 Pro - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media - Instagram - Twitter - Support My YouTube Channel - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching. OrangeFox Recovery has now been updated to R11 with new features such as Android 11 design, gesture navigation and a lot of other stuff. Keep subscribing!... Credits - Mr Yacha Features - Latest TWRP changes Android R Design Gesture Navigation New Fonts Google Clock Theme Font Weight customization Full Screen Console Splash Customizer Redesigned Better search UX Some more minor stuff Download Link - Note - Some R11 builds are still in Beta.

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