Jio-Google Deal To Disrupt Chinese Smartphone Market in India

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Описание видео: JioPhone now has more 100 million users, many of whom are internet first-timers. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, announcing the partnership at his company\'s annual meeting last week, said Google would build an Android operating system (OS) to power a low-cost "4G or even 5G" smartphone that Reliance would design. The new phone is set to pose a major challenge to Chinese vendors such as Xiaomi and BBK Electronics, owner of the Realme, Oppo and Vivo brands, which currently dominate a $2 billion market for sub-$100 smartphones in India. Powered by a clever mix of Bollywood, cricket-driven marketing and product features such as powerful cameras, the Chinese firms sell roughly eight of every 10 smartphones in the country. #jiogoogledeal #telecomnews... "If history is anything to go by, Reliance will undercut other brands and pose a real threat to the low-end smartphone market," said Rushabh Doshi of tech researcher Canalys. Jio-Google Deal To Disrupt Chinese Smartphone Market in India.A $4.5-billion deal, under which Alphabet\'s Google will collaborate with India\'s Reliance Industries on a new smartphone, likely heralds a big shake-up for the world\'s second-largest mobile market, industry executives and analysts say. Reliance executed a similar plan in 2017 with the launch of the JioPhone, a no-frills device that gave users internet access for as little as $20.

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