Joying 2009-2014 Subaru Legacy Outback Android Stereo GPS Navi with 4G

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Описание видео: * Fast boot with 2-3s, changeable button lights. * It supports wireless carplay, wired carplay, and wired android auto. * It supports FM Radio, Wifi, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS Navigation, Split Screen, OK Google, etc More details of the radio pls check here: If your car is the other model, you also can order the radio separately as a universal single din car radio. Applicable Car Models: Subaru Legacy Outback 2009-2014 (Left Drive) Main features: * Android Octa-core Intel SC9853i 4GBram 64GBrom * It built-in 4G module for access to the internet. * HD 1280*720 Touch Screen, support 4K video. Thanks for your attention! * It built-in DSP for better sound quality and sounds effects. Or you can order this universal single din car radio and buy other frame kits that can fit your car: 8 inch model: 9 inch model: (The radio is ship from the EU warehouse to the EU countries to avoid the customs tax) Here is the demo video about this single din radio:

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