K'i Tah Amongst the Birch

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Описание видео: Directed by Melaw Nakehk\'o - 2020 | 10 min Watch more free films on NFB.ca → bit.ly/YThpNFB Subscribe to our newsletter → bit.ly/NFBnewsletter Follow us on Facebook → bit.ly/ytfbNFB Follow us on Instagram → bit.ly/2FdmRol Follow us on Twitter → bit.ly/yttwNFB Download our free iOS Apps → apple.co/2dbva4h Download our free Android Apps → bit.ly/2dbvHmO... Filmmaker/activist Melaw Nakehk’o has spent the pandemic with her family at a remote land camp in the Northwest Territories, “getting wood, listening to the wind, staying warm and dry, and watching the sun move across the sky.” In documenting camp life—activities like making fish leather and scraping moose hide—she anchors the COVID experience in a specific time and place.

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