Lakh Take ki Baat : AK-2003 deal final between India and Russia

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Описание видео: AK-203 can work in every season #India #Russia #AK203 News Nation is a leading Hindi News Channel. AK-2003 will now become the main weapon of the army. In the AK-203, a magazine with 60 tablets can be installed. News Nation covers breaking news, latest news, entertainment news, Bollywood news, business news and sports news. Today News Nation is amongst top Hindi News channels as per the current rating system. Subscribe us on YouTube Channel: Get More Updates on: Download Android and iOS Apps for more updates: Android App: iOS App: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter : Google+ : Now it will be difficult for trickster China to face this weapon. The channel recently celebrated its 4th anniversary and is going strong. The AK-2003 deal between India and Russia has been finalized.

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