NEW 2020 - T95 XGODY 6K TV Box Android 10 6K TV Box Review

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Описание видео: Link Coming Soon Check out the T95 at the XGODY Site Here: You can buy the XGODY T95 from Amazon at the link below; #XGODY #4kTV #IPTV #TVBox #CLICKTECH #unboxfam :: SHOW YOUR SUPPORT :: Patreon: Merch: Discord: Affiliate Links (ClickTech will earn a small commission from anything you buy) :: Amazon: :: eBay UK: :: Banggood: :: GearBest: :: Overclockers UK: :: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA :: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: :: Don\'t forget to Like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE :: :: :: All Music is courtesy of Some transitions courtesy of Orange83 The product featured in today\'s video was supplied by the manufacturer for review purposes. No review direction or instruction was received from the manufacturer. Make sure you check his channel out for great unboxings, reviews and how to videos!... Thanks to @Mike\'s unboxing, reviews and how to for kind permission to feature his footage. Capable of 6k video but lets see how it runs in 1080p and 4k in my unboxing and review. I will be doing a follow up video where I will be showing how to set it up properly, install apps, and also add a VPN from IPVanish, which is essential these days to open up the world of IPTV. The views expressed in this review video are those of the author. This is the XGODY T95 TV Box, it has a Cortex Quad Core CPU and a Mali G31 GPU. This video is not sponsored. Some Hardware links listed in the description may include ClickTech AMAZON affiliation or similar, and if you use these links to purchase, ClickTech will receive a small commission.

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