NEW Asphalt 9 UPDATE 13 - BUGS, Glitches, New Car Gameplay [NEWS] 2020

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Описание видео: But i guess some people will like this new thing, i\'m not a fan of it. Another new feature in Update 13 is the emotes which in my opinion are pretty stupid even in battle royale games, let alone an action packed racing game like Asphalt 9. Also the new American Season began! I don\'t need to comment much on it i think. Thanks For Watching!... But playing in the new update feels a bit off and seems to have some bugs/glitches, sometimes the car does some unexpected stunts for no reason which could just be the car but it seems like the physics stopped working, and the replays aren\'t working. Just got the new Asphalt 9 Update 13, they added a new car (BXR Bailey Blade GT1) which i got to try in this video. Never had this kind of glitch before but it\'ll probably and hopefully be fixed soon. The BXR Bailey Blade GT1 is a pretty cool new car as you can see in the gameplay.

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