OnePlus Nord Unboxing and First Look

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Описание видео: If you can afford to support the channel to enable more device reviews, I would greatly appreciate it. OnePlus started off very much at the budget end of Android devices, but over the years have moved along that scale to the point they\'re almost in the flagship price bracket. ************************************************************ Follow Me on Social Media - Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Intro music is DJ Quads - Flirt... ************************************************************ Thanks for watching, I am a London based Tech reviewer, covering Android phones, headsets, accessories, apps and more. It has an AMOLED 90hz HDR screen, glass front and back and a decent camera array, so how good value is the OnePlus Nord? This video will unbox it, take a look around OxygenOS, check out the gorgeous screen and test the different camera lenses. I no longer have sponsorship, so almost all devices I review are bought by me personally. The OnePlus Norb brings them back to atleast the lower end of midrange. Support me on Patreon: Buy Me A Coffee: ************************************************************ Take a look at my website, come say hello on the forum!

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