Piggy Neighbor Family Escape Obby House 3D Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 - Levels 13 14 15 (Android)

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Описание видео: Seek for useful items. Complete various interesting missions with helping her and her family in household chores and win her heart! You will love this run, escape & hide style lovely game! Enjoy a high-quality location that will let you feel yourself in the legendary Piggy Obby World! Explore the huge neighborhood location. In this game, you will complete many interesting missions to help the piggy neighbor and her family such as: Find glasses for her father, find her favorite toy, fix her mother’s computer and daddy’s car, treat her brother’s fish and much more! • Beautiful 3D Graphics! You can adjust the sound, sensitivity and choose between the touchpad and joystick. You have moved to a new city. Meet Six funny obby piggies in the huge house! Set up controls as you like. Explore this huge location which includes a really large house! Meet Six funny obby piggies in Amazingly Huge house! • Amazing Gameplay! Game Features: • Various Piggy Family Characters! Eat food like ice cream, burgers, milk or cakes for recovering of your stamina, run from the neighbours, throw objects to stun them, break glass, hide under beds! • Control and sound settings. Once you decided to come to the Piggy and give her flowers. Her mom and dad are also against your secret relationship. Prove to them that you will be a worthy son-in-law. You saw her family and said hello. You decided not to give up and show your neighbors that you have only good intentions. Piggy Neighbor Family Escape Obby House 3D Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 - Levels 13 14 15 (Android) Thumbs up & Subscribe If You Want to See More ►bit.ly/ArcadeGo Enjoy the completely new game in which you will do good deeds for the Piggy and her family! Change the volume of music and sounds, set the language in the main menu settings. Meet New Granny and Grandpa! Her parents and her brother started to chase you and you managed to escape to your house and hide there. You will like this escape neighbor style game! • Huge environments. Since her parents are against your meetings, you should keep your good deeds in a secret. Your neighbor was a pig from your school. Feel the real atmosphere of the Neighbor Family with a granny escape gameplay!... Do not let them catch you and expose your secrets! You fell in love with her, but she does not reciprocate. Get pleasure from the High Quality textures and graphics.

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