Psychic Girl Gameplay (Android)

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Описание видео: Please grow \'most\' strongly in this world. -Collect various weapons by stage clear. -Pet\'s effect is applied only when summoned. Gameplay of the mobile game Psychic Girl by Candy Soft. -Collect soul stones through stage retreat. -The girl continues to fight even when you are out of the game. -Enhance the items collected with Soul Stone. [Tip] -The effects of all weapons, treasures, and costumes are cumulative. -If the challenge is difficult, please use the posion items actively. -Collect gold to strengthen your character. -Try to challenge the top ranker. [How to play] -Touch the screen to defeat the monster with your telekinesis. And the enormous \'super powers\' of the girl are left to you. Download on Google Play: -Obtain costumes and pets to help fight. Game description: There is a girl who has lost her memory. -Grab the boss of the dungeon and get legendary weapons and treasures. In this game, you fight levels of enemies and bosses by using powerful psychic attacks.

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