PUBG Mobile Gun Game Gameplay - New Mode

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Описание видео: 6) New Vehicle: Monster Truck We will continue to improve LIVIK BETA for the best experience.... ---------------------------------------- Subscribe Now ►► ---------------------------------------- ▬▬▬ LET\'S BE FRIENDS ▬▬▬ ♥️ Discord - ♥️ Twitter - ♥️ Facebook - ♥️ Instagram - ♥️ Steam - ♥️ Origin - TechzamazingYT ♥️ Google Plus - ♥️ Official Site - #techzamazing #androidgameplay #iOSgameplay ------------------------------------------ ▬▬▬ Description ▬▬▬ ------------------------------------------ New Map: LIVIK 1) Exclusive original map that offers an epic experience in a Nordic terrain! 3) Be the winner in 15 minutes! ------------------------------------------ ▬▬▬ Download Links ▬▬▬ ------------------------------------------ iOS ►► Android ►► ---------------------------------------- Join Our Discord Server ►► ---------------------------------------- Please Don\'t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. PUBG Mobile Gun Game Gameplay - New Mode PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 already released and you can download and play new map LIVIK now. 4) Evolve your strategies with the changing terrain! 2) 52 players in a 2km x 2km map for a more exciting experience! 5) Map-exclusive SMG P90 and Rifle MK12! PUBG MOBILE - NEW MAP: LIVIK is now available on Android and ios, you can download through Google Playstore and iOS through Appstore.

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