Razer Kishi Review: Perhaps The Best Android Gaming Controller

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Описание видео: Read more here tech360.tv/reviews/razer-kishi/ Audio by Audio-Technica sea.audio-technica.com/ Producer/Camera - Kai Hong Video Editor - Sakeenah Sadiq To know more about the Kishi razer.com/sg-en/gaming-controllers/razer-kishi Support us and get it on Amazon here amzn.to/2EnV9qD Follow us on Facebook - facebook.com/tech360tv/ Instagram - instagram.com/tech360.tv/ Credits Music - audiolibrary.com.co... But even so, the Kishi might just be the best Android Gaming Controller when it comes to mobile gaming. The Kishi does honestly, make for a much more enjoyable gaming experience on the go, as well as Steam Link to your favourite PC titles. To be honest, we never thought we would like it as much as we did. Mobile gaming is huge, and so here’s the Razer Kishi to solve all your problems with finicky touch controls on your smartphone. But of course, there’s pros and cons, and we actually compare it to Razer’s own Junglecat.

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