Razer Kishi Review Unboxing and S20 Ultra Android Gameplay

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Описание видео: This Android gamepad is Razer\'s latest release into the Android gaming market and it doesn\'t disappoint! OK so it\'s another expensive Android controller but I think you get what you pay for with this one. PS - The reason my controls scheme in Panda Gamepad Pro looks a bit messed up is because it was - if you change resolution after you\'ve set up your controls then it will shift the position of your button mapping - rather annoying but I couldn\'t be bothered to re-configure things... Today we\'re taking a look at the new Razer Kishi Android Gaming Controller. Get the Razer Kisih on Amazon: amzn.to/33fGkjT It\'s compatible with Android phones on Android Oreo 8.0+ and with a USB C pot in the centre-bottom of your phone.

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