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Описание видео: 2. Offline/Online: Offline Free/Paid: Paid Size: 640mb Requirement: Android 4.2 ABOUT THE GAME Action-packed gravity-defying adventure full of astro-mining awesomeness! GAMEPAD REQUIRED! Extract the folder to android/obb. Rochard is an award-winning side-scroller featuring hours of mind-blowing gravity gameplay, puzzle-solving and action. Use it to change gravity at will, manipulate the environment, and throw huge crates at your enemies. Open the downloaded game file with Rar. Join the amazing exploits of astro-miner John Rochard and embark on a gravity-bending journey across the Solar System! Install the APK. 3. Download Rar from playstore. Grab a G-Lifter - your new best friend! AWARDS: - Gaming Universe: Best Downloadable Game of Gamescom 2011 - Unity Awards 2011: Best Graphics - Unity Awards 2011: Best Gameplay - GamingXP: Best Arcade Game of Gamescom 2011 - IGN: Editors\' Choice - GameShark: Editors\' Choice - GamePro: Editors\' Choice - Gaming Nexus: Editors\' Choice Download Links: Google Play: [Note: This game needs gamepad to control] APK OBB: How to install APK OBB? 1. Or Video Guide... Narrated in a humorous cartoony style, Rochard tells a thrilling story of villains, a damsel in distress and a mysterious alien civilization. 4.

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