Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ & S7: Best S Pen Features

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Описание видео: In this video, I show you how to annotate PDFs in Samsung Notes, use the handwriting recognition, and how to use the gestures with the stylus. Do you like the S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+? Website: Twitter: What I use for my videos: Camera 1*: Camera 2*: Lens 1*: Lens 2*: Lens 3*: Lens 4*: Microphone 1*: Microphone 2*: Light 1*: Light 2*: *These are affiliate links. Thanks :)... Using the S Pen, you can write down handwritten notes, draw something, or guide through a PowerPoint presentation. That means we might get a small commission if you buy something through those links and you\'ll support this channel. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 at Amazon*: The S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ is the most interesting feature of both tablets.

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