Scary Robber Home Clash - Part 1 Gameplay Walkthroughs (IOS ANDROID)

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Описание видео: Mesmerized by the luxuries of the empty house, they decided to stay there for a little while longer. When they saw everyone leave, the robber\'s decided to loot the empty house. Brian happened to come back from summer camp on the exact same day however and to his absolute shock, he finds two complete strangers living in HIS house as if it was theirs! They have been keeping a watch on brian’s house for a while. This angered Brian and he decided to teach the robber\'s a lesson. He thought to himself “ These two messed with the wrong kid - it\'s time to teach them a lesson they\'ll never forget!” 01:07 The Change-up 01:08 Not so GTA 02:54 Nacho usual heist 7:07 A Welcome bite... Scary Robber Home Clash - Part 1 Gameplay Walkthroughs (IOS ANDROID) Scary Robber Home Clash (Itunes | Ios | APP STORE) : Scary Robber Home Clash (Android | Google Play) : Felix and lester are two of the most notorious robbers around.

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