STICKMAN ZOMBIE SHOOTER - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 - CHAPTER 6 COMPLETE (Android)

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Описание видео: ▪Run, trap and kill them within epic battles! ▪ Many platformer levels and a lot of waves to play! ▪ Use many weapons and upgrade them to get even more powerful ▪ Collect coins to upgrade your weapons to kill zombies faster! ▪Climb walls, survive the apocalypse, break and kill some zombies. ▪ Epic stickman fights and massive zombie hordes! ▪ Kill as many zombies as you can! A free and addictive game in which you play as John, a tough and good fighting stickman who walked the field when a zombie epidemic began. STICKMAN ZOMBIE SHOOTER Gameplay Part 8! ▪ Incredible melee fighting combos! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here: ★ SUBSCRIBE: ▶️ MORE VIDEOS Games Trailer: Stickman Fighter: Car Games: Short life: ======================================== STICKMAN ZOMBIE SHOOTER - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 - HAUNTED HOUSE - VIP (Stickman Games Android) ★ SUBSCRIBE: ★ Playlist Synthetic: ======================================== ★ Game Free: - Download on Google Play: Enjoy epic stickman fights against zombies in this epic platformer shooting game full of guns and destruction! ▪ Many kind of weapons and strategies to shoot all the zombies! ▪ Reach the top of the online leaderboards! ⭐HOW TO PLAY ⭐ ▪ Use virtual analog controls to walk around the map; ▪ Run to avoid crazy zombies from biting you; ▪ Jump through many platforms and different levels! ▪ Be the best stickman warrior! ⭐AVAILABLE GUNS⭐ ▪ Sniper Rifle; ▪ SMG ; ▪ Shotgun; ▪ Pistol; ▪ Land Mines; ▪ Sentry Gun; ▪ Rocket Launcher (Bazooka); ▪ Baseball Bat with Nails; ▪ Chainsaw; ⭐POWERUPS⭐ ▪ Super Speed; ▪ Shield ; ▪ Extra Life;... ⭐ GAME FEATURES ⭐ ▪ Save your progress online. ▪Amazing perfomance: Play this game on any device and be the best zombie killer ever! ▪Did you run out of internet? No problem, it can be played offline! ▪ The game can be played offline! ▪A really challenging game with simple controls and hardcore gameplay! ⭐ STICK FIGURE FEATURES ⭐ ▪ Run, run, run! ▪ Awesome Parkour moves: climb platforms and hang on high places! ▪This game is really addictive!

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