The Copy Song - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

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Описание видео: Learn, sing and dance with Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes #KidsSongs #NurseryRhymes #BabySongs Lyrics I get up, I get up With my head up high, with my head up high And with my hand, with my hand I point the sky, I point the sky I ring the bell, I ring the bell Ding, dong, ding, ding, dong, ding The kids are here, the kids are here Its time to play & sing, time to play & sing With my hands, with my hands I wash my hair, I wash my hair I can clean the floor, I can clean the floor When mommy needs my help, when she needs my help With my fingers, with my fingers I can point & touch, I can point & touch Play I’m a spider, just a little spider I like them very much, I like them very much I take a step, I take a step Forword & back, forword & back I can see my socks, I can see my socks And then I sit again, then I sit again My little song, my little song Is almost done, is almost done And with my hand, with my hand We wave goodbye, we wave goodbye The Copy Song - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes (Rogier, Cecilia María Teresa "Cecilia Rogier") Singer: Lua de Morais It’s time to take a trip to The Children’s Kingdom! Wifi or Internet aren´t necessary. Available for Android operating system through this link: Available for IOS operating system through this link: Find our Official Roku Channel in the store: In order to collaborate with all the families that must stay in their houses due to the current world situation, the Zoo Songs Games App arrived, especially for the little ones in the house. Solve puzzles, learn numbers, discover colors and learn shapes through fascinating and fun animated mini games.

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