The Grappler - What Andre the Giant was like to Wrestle in Mid South

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Описание видео: The Grappler (Len Denton) discusses drinking with Andre the Giant and what he was like to wrestle in Mid South ➤ Title Match Network is proud to present our 1st interview legendary wrestler, booker, promoter and trainer, Len Denton "The Grappler". Andre and Denton would have many matches together over the years while working the territories. Back in 1981, Andre the Giant and Dusty Rhodes were defeated by The Grappler and Super Destoyer at the New Orleans Superdome. The Grappler was only 21 years old at the time when he was featured in this major match with Andre. Len has a fascinating perspective because he was also Andre\'s driver when the Giant would come into work Texas and Louisiana. If you have any questions for the Grappler, leave them in the comments below and we\'ll ask him on the next shoot interview. Title: The Grappler (Len Denton) Special Interview Recorded: Sept 2020 Location: Houston, TX Cast: The Grappler -Production Cams: 1 Sony Prosumer -Live edits/Post-edits were made in the Title Match studios via Premiere Pro CC -Hosted by Telly Bistis (Title Match Media LLC owner) -Camera Crew: Telly Bistis -Studio Rights: Title Match Media LLC (via Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Network)... Find out what the Grappler says Andre the Giant would drink before and after his matches! Grappler was a major star for Mid-South Wrestling, Portland, Texas and is still active in pro wrestling 40+ years later.

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