The Most Massive Black Hole Merger is 'Impossible' - but it happened anyway

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Описание видео: This black hole merger is considered to be "impossible" because at least one of the two black holes that merged couldn\'t have formed in a supernova. 00:00 Start 05:07 the GW190521 signal 09:11 the black hole mass gap problem 11:38 Solutions to mass gap problem 14:08 Alternative scenarios 16:27 Future detections 17:45 Blinkist 19:40 Patreon thanks... This video is sponsored by Blinkist. Two black holes, with masses 85 and 66 times the Sun, merged into an intermediate mass black hole 142 solar masses designated GW190521. You\'ll also get 25% off the full membership! The first 100 people to go to are going to get unlimited access for 1 week to try it out. The merger was detected by the LIGO-Virgo gravitational wave collaboration. The most massive Black Hole merger is \'Impossible\', but it happened anyway. Instead, they belong in the "pair instability mass gap" of black holes and must have merged in a prior generation in a cluster or perhaps in a quasar\'s accretion disk.

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