Top 10 Best Horror Games For Android 2020 OFFLINE #3

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Описание видео: *Note you can only play fully offline if you buy premium or else you would be require to watch ads) 3)Apartment 4)SCP Containment Breach Mobile (early access) 5)Boris & The Dark 6)Insomnia 7)Htol# niQ: The Firefly Dairy (language is only in japanese but easy to figure out) 8)Remember ( you need to buy premium in order to play fully offline or you can watch ads to continue) 9)Ultimate Custom 10)Misguded Never Back Home:- Game is under work for a while, beta was supposed to come previous month got delayed for reasons but expected to come this year & game will only require 2gb ram/Snapdragon 425/Os 5.0 in order to play Thanks for watching! As always I\'ll keep you updated with all new horror games do subscribe :) Following are the games name & links:- 1)Metel Horror 2)Cinema 14 (not actually new but they recently updated with new chapter & game is real good but underated that\'s why I want you guys to check it out! Do check my other videos you\'ll find alot of games of you\'re type to play.... (Have conversations with like minded people get all info about new games first in there):- This is part 3rd of 2020 All New thrilling horror games you guys should definitely check on! Best offline (play without internet connection no wifi needed) horror games for Android & iphone 2020 part 3 l VinIsHere Come in join my discord group!

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