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Описание видео: Permission Auto reset If an app did not use for a longer time then the permissions with reset from Allow to deny on everything 9. Android, The operating system by Google has 25 billion active devices worldwide. 3.Capture and share content TheScreenrecorder has been coming as a built-in option in android eleven. 4.Smart reply As like Gmail now smart replies available all over the apps 5.App suggestions The bottom screen of the home page suggesting apps based on our rotten 6.Device Control Smart Home, Smart Home devices and Payment methods can be accessed and controlled over the single place with this smart living experience have been enhanced. 7.Media control Media control design has been revamped and the audio output switch now as easy to do via notification shade 8.Privacy i.One time permission The app permission now has an option for One-time permission. The new version of released by google named as Android 11 in the new feature included with optimisation, security and privacy options were discussed in this video 1.Managing conversations The chats and conversation now moved to person-based rather than app-based, priority methods were included for that 2.Bubbles The chats can be pinned in the screen as a bubble which shows the profile picture of the person and it used for chat without interrupting the app we are using, so multitasking has been simplified. Resizable Picture in Picture mode The apps running in a picture in picture mode can be resizable with this update Now Pixel phone above Pixel are getting stable Android 11 ROM via otp Update other OEM like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Realme, redmi, Asus are also getting the beta Update for their high-end varinets *************... Also Sharing screenshot and text from the screen made so easy. Notification History Notification history option now available inside settings 10.Sharesheet We can pin the apps we need most on sharesheet 11. With this, we can record screen as well as record audio from mic, device or both, there is no need of third party apps for screen recording. That allows the access one time only ii.

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