Top 18 Offline Survival Games For Android & iOS I Build & Craft

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Описание видео: Hope you guys find something good to play :) Following are the games name & links:- 1)The Bonfire: Forsken Land:- 2)Last Pirate:- 3)Dead In Bermuda:- 4)Krafteers:- iOS- 5)Ark Survival Evolved:- 6)Survival On Raft: Ocean Nomad:- 7)Ocean Is Home:- 8)Survival Ark: Zombie Plague Battlelands:- iOS- 9)Marooned:- 10)Radiation Island:- 11)Stranded Without A Phone:- 12)Shadow Of Kurgansk:- 13)Survivor Me.Who:- iOS- 14)On My Own:- 15)Don\'t Starve Shipwrecked:- 16)Home Behind:- 17)This War Of Mine Stories - Father\'s Promise:- 18)X Survive: Creative Buliding Sandbox:- Thanks for watching! New best offline (play without internet connection no wifi needed) survival (build & craft) games for Android & iOS 2020 l VinIsHere My Discord come join in!! Do check my other videos you\'ll find alot of games of your type to play. Have conversations with like minded people & get all latest info about new games first in Build/craft hunt & survive, Games you can play alone endlessly without internet connection Minecraft/Terraria also deserve to be in list but as almost everyone knows about it & they are way popular so I usually never promote those... ....

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