Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 Mod v1 - Mega MOD [Android Game Mod]

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Описание видео: Meet other raptors and live together, raise a family, hunt for food, and become the strongest dinosaur in the world! Explore and hunt to maintain your raptor\'s thirst and hunger in the most detailed world we’ve ever created! Dinosaur AI is smarter and faster than ever! Gain bonuses from synergetic velociraptors hunting together! Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 Mod v1 - Mega MOD [Android Game Mod] Take on the life of our most realistic velociraptor ever in the sequel to the most popular dinosaur simulator of all time! Breed baby dinos that will grow into teens and eventually full grown members of your pack! *Mod Menu : - Unlimited Stats Points - No Hungry - High Damage *Download MOD Apk - adtival.network/E9g9PK *Original Game Playstore - adtival.network/EeW90BF0J *How to Download Mod in video - youtube.com/watch?v=9gMBxpAewn0 More Mods Apk ? Cek maharanyo.blogspot.com Or Check My Video #CheatGame #AndroidModApk #AndroidGameHack #UltimateRaptorSimulator #NewModAPk #MOD #apk #cheat #hack #Update... Play as your new dinosaur to help them level up and improve relations with other family members! HYPER REALISTIC SIMULATION The jungle has never been more alive! BABY AND TEEN VELOCIRAPTORS A brand new age makes raising your hatchlings even more real! NEW ALERT SYSTEM Sneak your way through the dense bushes to avoiding alerting nearby prey and giving them a head start trying to escape you! Explore a massive prehistoric world brimming with new species at every turn. NEW BATTLE SYSTEM Omnidirectional dodge system brings a new level of skill to your fights! Your pack recognizes heroic and caring acts that will alter relationships. NEW RELATIONSHIP SYSTEM Build deeper bonds with your raptors through the new relationship and personality system. EXPANDED FAMILY Have up to TEN raptors in your pack! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and avoid damage! Seek out friendly raptors and pass their challenges to recruit them to your pack!

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