Ultimate Slurry Challenge | Farming Simulator 16 Timelapse fs 16

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Описание видео: If You Like This Gameplay, I am Sure That You Will Like to see more GamePlays below! And in return I will get a lot of slurry! Hey guys! Your Subscription is really Very very Important for me. So Lets see if I can fill all the silo bunkers on bio gas plant or not! Guess what? I am ready to make unload some chaff at the bio Gas in fs16! Thanks ✅ JOIN MY OFFICIAL FACEBOOK GROUP OF FS20_ web.facebook.com/groups/145318716278698 ✅ Watch all Gameplays and Info videos in Hindi/Urdu Here; youtube.com/channel/UCY3O2LXNh-5Z_jso7X_WWJg ❕About Game❕ ✅Farming Simulator 20... Thanks For Watching Xtreme Gaming Fever.

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