[UPDATED] Recency Requirements for Drone Pilots -- Do I Have To Take The Exam Again??

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Описание видео: The group focuses on discussing information required to pass the basic and advanced exams and preparing for your flight review. You can join Epidemic Sound from the link below and enjoy a free month: epidemicsound.com/referral/4jk9fj/ #dronepilotcanada #dondroneson #canadiandronelaws... Contact me at DonDronesOn@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions. PowerDirector now includes free access to Shutterstock stock footage! It provides the features you need to meet all the procedural requirements of the 2019 Canadian RPAS regulations. Here\'s a link: tc.gc.ca/en/services/aviation/publications/aviation-safety-letter/issue-3-2019.html And here is a link to Transport Canada Aviation Safety Seminars: tc.gc.ca/en/services/aviation/licensing-pilots-personnel/staying-current-proficient-pilot/aviation-safety-seminars.html A DonDronesOn production. This video clarifies exactly how to achieve these recency requirements. See all my favourite Drone and Camera products on Amazon: amazon.ca/shop/donjoyce Drone Pilot Canada is the app of choice for Canadian drone flyers! Here\'s a referral link: membership.cyberlink.com/event/trace.jsp?linkId=329057&e=27628485&affid=2581_1464_926_auto-content-pack-notification_20200731_en_CA&traceLink=https%3A%2F%2Fmembership.cyberlink.com%2Fl.jsp%3Flang%3DENU%26event%3D4435%26e%3D646F6E6A6F79636533343340676D61696C2E636F6D Choosing the right music for a video is important. NEWS FLASH: I now offer a Transport Canada approved "Don\'s Recurrent Training Course for Canadian RPAS Pilots 2021", available for purchase here: pocketwatchpurveyor.com/collections/drone-study-guides/products/dons-recurrent-training-course-for-canadian-rpas-pilots-2021-recency I mention the Aviation Safety Letter, 2019, Issue 3 in the video. The new 2019 Canadian drone regulations are also discussed in the group. Drone Pilot is available for purchase here: Apple: itunes.apple.com/ca/app/drone-pilot-canada/id1455291540 Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myappatory.dronecanada Data can now be transferred between platforms but each platform (Apple or Android) requires a separate purchase. I use music from Epidemic Sound. The group supports flying in compliance with the 2019 Canadian RPAS regulations: facebook.com/groups/592682344571622/ I use CyberLink PowerDirector 365 to edit my videos. Videos are available on my channel, DonDronesOn.com, with demos and training for all capabilities in Drone Pilot Canada. This video is a revision of one I produced in March 2020, with significant updates. All my DonDronesOn Exam Study Guide PDFs and Soft Copy Log Books are available for purchase here: pocketwatchpurveyor.com/collections/drone-study-guides Please join the Drone Pilot Canada Exam and RPAS Regulation Discussion Group on Facebook. Canadian RPAS (drone and RC aircraft) pilots need to keep \'recency\' after attaining their Pilot Certification.

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