Us police bus mountain driving simulator 2# - android gameplay

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Описание видео: Download Games : Ever driven in such a big police bus games vehicle? We bet you never did! Transport Police Officers and other swat members to US Police training school. In this adventure game you can face extreme driving, excited impossible tracks, dangerous steep path, most hilly area and extreme weather condition. In this best police academy driving game perform multi levels and multiple tasks in this swat police bus game. Robbers, thief and criminals are running away with serious crimes. Get ready for the most thrilling off-road Police Bus Driving Sim: Off road Transport Duty. Transport your co-workers and police officers even the most dangerous criminals to their destination. You are presented with various police bus driving missions to pick and drop at various locations so they can chase down criminals and control crime. It is a combination of police transport games, army bus driving games & police van games. Now Wait is over!!! Do you have the guts to drive the police bus and drop the police officers to the most dangerous hilly areas?? You have to lead professional off-road police and army bus driver... You might have played many police bus games but this police bus simulator comes with its own unique gameplay. The main object of this police and army bus game transport police officers swat members and other cops one headquarter to other police base camp or check post to their desire location for drilling and other US police training camp.

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