Vu ultra 4K Vs Vu premium 4K | which one is best | My opinion

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Описание видео: The models in series allow their users to control the output of the pictures on their screen with their Pro-Picture Calibration mode. Buy this Tv : Vu Ultra 4K tv 43 inch : 50 inch : 55 inch : 65 inch : Vu Televisions officially launches their new Vu Ultra 4K TV series today All the models in the series come with 4K display and many other features to give its users “fantastic experience”. The TVs perform on the 64-Bit Quad-Core processor and feature ultra-boost 4X Graphic engine for the best picture quality. 28,999), 55-inch (Rs. It also comes with a high performance special optical film that will make the picture quality of the television screen appears uniform throughout the screen even while viewing the TV from any side. They come with both options available: stand and wall mount. It also allows its users to enjoy sports with the super-sound sports mode for a stadium-like experience. SPECIFICATIONS Keeping the needs of their customers during this ongoing lockdown in mind, Vu has launched this TV series with various upgraded features. The series is set to be available today on Amazon India’s website and other retail stores across the country.... This feature is also supported by the significant backlight control which will increase the overall brightness of the screen. 32,999) and 65-inch (Rs. It also comes with HDMI dynamic range, Gamma correction, Digital noise reduction, and Color calibration. All the models in the series sport an ultra-thin bezel-less design with a robotic assembly which makes them look sleek. Starting with the display, the TVs in the series come with an ultra-edge 4K Ultra HD display which promises to give 40% enhanced brightness. The series with similar to the Vu Premium range and comes with additional features. The Ultra 4K TVs are run on Android version 9.0 Pie and come with built-in Chromecast and Google Play store. The models also come with the Vu ActiVoice remote control with OTT hotkeys. The televisions also come with Ultra- Secured Parental Block mode to make online content children-friendly and allow only appropriate content to show. For the audio, the TVs in the series promise to give just as enhanced surround audio experience as their display with the DTS Virtual X. In the case of connectivity, the models come with Bluetooth 5.0, 3 3HDMI ports, and 2 USB ports. The Pro-Picture Calibration mode will allow its users to play with the color temperature, contrast, etc. It comes with 30 watts speakers and boasts about giving ultra-sonic sound experience. All these features can be accessed and changed by the users as per their wish and to achieve the desired output. 48,999). 25,999), 50-inch (Rs. The models have a screen resolution of 3860 x 2160 and are also supported by Dolby Vision and HDR10. This mode can be accessed with the Vu ActiVoice remote control. The TVs ensure to give an enhanced output for the content displayed when synced with any other digital device with its Advanced HDMI 2.0 Enhanced Format. The models in the series are available in 4 variants: 43-inch (Rs. The models are supported by Dolby Audio and promise to give excellent surround audio experience with the DTS Virtual X.

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