War Robots Test Server - NEW Remastered Valley Map with Behemoth WR Gameplay

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Описание видео: IOS: m.onelink.me/753edc8b Android: m.onelink.me/f03038f9... War Robots Test Server - NEW Remastered version of Valley map (Performance Preset - low graphics setting) with the Behemoth - WR Gameplay 0:00 Test Server Hangar 0:53 Game# 1 on Valley 8:05 Game #2 on Valley Share this War Robots video with your friends: youtu.be/i0eFSy4JAak War Robots Test Server (Facebook): facebook.com/wwr.test.page/ Behemoth Has TRIPLE STEALTH With NEW Cloaking Unit: youtu.be/hoNT5FTWLI8 Testing NEW Remastered Graphics for Invader: youtu.be/x1VCOq2B9pY NEW Remastered Graphics Update (live stream): youtu.be/y7xBbN2toEQ Music provided by Monstercat: Rameses B - Thinking About You youtube.com/monstercat youtube.com/monstercatinstinct Subscribe today: youtube.com/c/adrianchong?sub_confirmation=1 Become a channel member: youtube.com/channel/UCk_jiByxmYqfZ11tYl0OCOw/join Support me with a donation: paypal.me/WWRwithAdrian This Year’s Videos: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEphS-5-fynW7Qo4ZpJjFFC_HS4OhQX6m This Year’s Live Streams: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEphS-5-fynVPvPrE8mFaH0N6ZyVkS7Wz Dream Hangars: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEphS-5-fynU3qiMyqG0ASArWpuqMEBz0 Android Baby Account Videos: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEphS-5-fynV49pmmRV5qoeMTAS0u7h97 Facebook ❖ facebook.com/Adrian-Chong-104538496722853/ Instagram ❖ instagram.com/war_robots_adrian Twitter ❖ twitter.com/AdrianChong_WR Twitch ❖ twitch.tv/walkingwarrobots_adrian Merch ❖ teespring.com/stores/adrianchong Gaming equipment ❖ kit.com/AdrianChongWR War Robots is developed by Pixonic Download War Robots for FREE!

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